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  • Type of facility : Hotel
  • Location : Guatemala
  • Capacity : 16 rooms (for the eco-hotel on lake Atitlan)
  • Opening dates : All year long
[/tab][tab] [/tab][tab] Francisco (speaks Spanish and English) | +(502) 2366-9555
  • Hospitality Tour 2014 : Florie has been there in August 2014 to carry out the missions mentioned below and to list the hoppinovations implemented
  • Audit of the 3 hotels in Antigua, Atitlan and Guatemala city in order to identify possible improvements
  • Review of the website structure in order to improve clarity and efficiency of the message towards potential customers
  • Making of a PowerPoint presentation of the three hotels, aiming at tour operators and international travel agencies
  • Contact list of francophone tour operators
  • List of main international travel guides, in which it may be interesting to be referenced
  • Use of a channel manager (« My Allocator »)
[/tab][/tabs] Uxlabil means in Quiché “What maintains you alive”, which can be translated as “Your breath”.  Quiché (or K’iche’) is the main Maya language in Guatemala. The Eco-Hotel Uxlabil, by the shore of lake Atitlan, is the product of the imagination of an anthropologist, writer and life-lover, so just imagine !
Lac Atitlan Guatemala (Vue de l'eco-hotel Uxlabil)
Francisco is permanently looking for new solutions and good practices that may make the hotel more respectful of the environment and local communities surrounding it. The walls are turquoise, with an undulating texture remembering the surface of the lake; The stairs are red, the favorite color of the Mayas… Each detail has been thought of in order to promote local culture and celebrate the beauty of lake Atitlan. “Mayas are not afraid of colors”, as Francisco likes to recall. And such is the hotel, not afraid of colors, mixes, motifs. Each one of the 16 rooms is different. Ceilings are of “A+A” style, Francisco explains: A mix of brick-red tiles recalling the colonial architecture of the old capital Antigua (3h away) and of “petate” (carpets made of reeds, traditionally used to sleep by Mayas), with between them a clear blue paint recalling the common sky uniting Mayas and settlers… And the story of the ceilings is just a detail among many others.
If you want to know Francisco’s other stories you should come to meet him here in Guatemala, on the shore of lake Atitlan or at the two other hotels of Antigua and Guatemala city !

For an account of Florie’s experience, follow the link below:
Uxlabil Hotels, from Atitlan lake to the capitals

Uxlabil Eco-Hotel Atitlan Team Guatemala

Florie Thielin : The Hospitality Tour Latin AmericaFlorie
The Hospitality Tour
Translated by Guillaume Rey

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