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  • Objective: To create awareness towards eco-friendly behavior in a fun way.
  • Description: The classic ´great goose´ board game (close to the Snakes and Ladders) revisited as an ethical…cockerel!
  • Tourist awarness
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Coq-Ethik :  ludo-pedagogy.

How to educate without being boring?
The hotel Lecoq-Gadby offers one of the many answers to that question with their game ´Coq-Ethik´. It is no longer a goose in the game , but a cockerel that guides you through this reinvented Great Goose board game (close to the Snakes and Ladders) to inform tourists on the responsible approaches of the hotel.
Moreover, the game educates the players, of all ages, on certain good practices in terms of sustainable development, such as taking a shower instead of a bath, recycling waste or not to use welcome products in hotels.
Download and print the game, cut out your favourite characters and have fun!
The SNCF (France´s national railway company) and the regional tourism committee (CRT) have adopted and diffused Coq-Ethik during the Easter holidays of 2012. Since then, the CRT publicizes it across almost all accommodations that hold the ´eco´ title across the Brittany region.

Translated by : Holly Cooper Chima

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