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  • Type of facility : hotel
  • Location : Belize
  • Capacity : 17 accommodations (2 villas, 10 bungalows, 5  rooms)
  • Opening dates : All year long
[/tab][tab] [/tab][tab] Marketing Manager Joanna Evans| +1-(501)-824-3350 http://kaanabelize.com [/tab][tab]
  • Hospitality Tour 2014 : Florie went there in July 2014 in order to accomplish the missions mentioned below and list the hopinnovations put in place
  • Revenue Management training
  • Developing of an automatized Excel dashboard in order to monitor pick-up evolution and the main KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
[/tab][/tabs] Florie avec Joanna et Janine au Ka Ana Resort Belize Ka’Ana Resort is a small 5-stars resort located at the heart of a rainforest in Belize, near the small town of San Ignacio and the Guatemalan border. The hotel is part of the very exclusive luxury hotels networks Kiwi Collection, Signature et SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World). The hotel has the Rainforest Alliance label, and set up several environment-friendly good practices, as well as many programs relative to social responsibility (see their webpage for more information).

For an account of Florie’s experience, click the link below:

Ka’Ana Resort, séjour éco-chic

Sales & Marketing Ka Ana Resort Team Florie Thielin : The Hospitality Tour Latin AmericaFlorie The Hospitality Tour
Translated by Guillaume  Rey

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