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  • Type of facility : Hotel
  • Location : Guatemala (Tikal)
  • Capacity : 13 rooms (Bungalows accommodating 2 to 4 persons)
  • Opening date : All year long
[/tab][tab] [/tab][tab] Edmundo Solis | +502 7926 2411
  • Hospitality Tour 2014 : Florie has been there in July 2014 to carry out the missions mentioned below and to list the hoppinovations implemented.
  • The hotel has adopted an eco-touristic position in order to distinguish itself from its competitors and to best fit within the national park environment.
  • Basic Revenue Management training.
  • Implementation of an automatized Excel dashboard in order to optimize communication between booking and hotel reception.
[/tab][/tabs] Jaguar Inn is actually two hotels: One in Santa Elena, near the charming little village of Flores (On an island in lake Peten Itza), and the second one within Tikal national park, next to the  entrance of Tikal archeological park (One of the main archeological site of Central America).
These two hotels were created by the parents of Edmundo and Natalia, who are now managing it. During my stay I am mostly interested in Jaguar Inn Tikal, managed by Edmundo.
The hotel is at the heart of the tropical rainforest, in the middle of the national park. Three hotels are side by side at the entrance of the park. They were built before the area was classified as national park. Therefore they can keep on operating within the park, but cannot expand, and no more hotel can be built.
Jaguar Inn is the smallest of the three, and the only one without a swimming pool… But it has more than that ! Manager Carlos and its team are very caring, and the restaurant offers delicious, carefully prepared dishes. The atmosphere complies with the hotel motto: “calidez guatemalteca”, Guatemalan warmth.
The hotel wishes to improve its eco-touristic practices in order to fit even better within its natural environment, but also to keep on moving upmarket by offering an always more caring service.
Jaguar Inn Tikal Team

For an account of Florie’s experience, follow the link below:
Jaguar Inn, following archeologist’s footsteps

Florie Thielin : The Hospitality Tour Latin AmericaFlorie
The Hospitality Tour
Translated by Guillaume Rey

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