4th and 5th of July 2014 – 40 km – 1 driver – 1 mission carried

We have arrived at Les Bruyeres Erquy, where we had a exploratory weekend early February.

But lets go back a little bit earlier

Outreach at La Ville Heleuc 

Last time we wrote was last Thursday at La Ville Heleuc, where we spent a wonderful evening with our fabulous hosts, Beatrice and Michael and their families from Germany: Corinne, Jans, and their baby Henrix.

A lively evening in English, German, French and Esperanto (oh yes, because Beatrice is a great preacher of Esperanto, universal language and its easy access!). And of course, all all of this with a good local meal with : Breton sausage, far Breton with prunes and organic local cider (not to mention the famous “vielle blanche” which has already been mentioned, concocted by Michel’s parents)!

Repas à la Ville Heleuc

We decided with Beatrice that we will spend the day on Friday to social networks and the website of La Ville Heleuc. At this time, in a previous article, we told you: “Beatrice was an IT developer, so it will go faster” …

Yeah, well the lesson of the day: never talk too fast 🙂

Communication support : the heart of the matter

Beatrice is definitly ahead of us on all technical points. So, quite normal, she is much more demanding in terms of website: the “template” has to make the management of the website easier (currently, she is managing it herself in html) but she also needs to keep hold on everything. Mahery and Beatrice have therefore spent a good part of the day through the different WordPress “templates” while Justine was making a small manual of “how to manage and run his Facebook page,” and put online the hopinnovations collected in the previous accomodations : Le Coup de Canon and Castel Camping Le Brèvedent.

At the end of the day, we’re a little frustrated from not being able to provide a complete solution to Beatrice to redesign her website but we still spelled out the situation together and Beatrice now sees longer clear about what is possible and what is not.

We also gave her a light on the translation tools of her website, very tedious to manage in its current version (because remember, Beatrice is a strong supporter of Esperanto. Her website is translated into German, English and … in Esperanto!).

We put her in connection with our friends from New Conquetes (a communication agency from Nantes) because she wants to revisit her visual identity.

We look forward to hearing the rest of the adventure and monitor changes in the website!

Life, just Life 

But … it is 18pm, it is the quarter finals of the football World Cup which put up the French against the … German! So it is in a German-Breton warm atmosphere that we watched the French being eliminated from the world cup.

But as Michel is not a bad loser, he is still offered round for everyone before moving on to a delicious meal where a contest of “who realize that the best galette” is launched! Bottom line, the only true Breton, is Michel; and the adopted Beatrice, who excels in baking galettes and other pancakes.

Little note: Michel wrote down the scores during the contest but eventually torn the paper, without announcing the results, because at the end, there are no losers, there are no winners, just people who are having a good time! Philosophy of life we love!

Good laugh !

Heureuse tablée à la Ville Heleuc

After this quite busy day, we headed to bed, without resisting tweaking the Facebook manual before delivering it to Beatrice tomorrow.

Saturday, July 5, 7:30. Awakening. This is the day of departure. We are not the only ones to leave La Ville Heleuc today. We must therefore clean the two cottages to accommodate newcomers. Their friend Nicole came to lend a hand. We join ours to theirs. With five people, it is oddly effective, leaving even ourselves enough time to go explore the nearby farm accompanying Beatrice on an electric bike to collect the milk; bio, of course, and it’s actually the gift for the newcomers. Quite an experience! milking is fully automated. It is a robot that detects the udders, cleans them, and “connect” itself for milking. They even clean the legs of cows after “use”. Awesome!

Gîte Le Fournil à la Ville Heleuc

13pm. This time it is for good, it’s time to go. While we were getting ready to lift the thumb again, Michel tells us he has some shopping to do in Pléneuf, close to Erquy. And as Michel and Beatrice are just two wonderful hosts, they even drove us to Les Bruyeres Erquy!

Départ en voiture de La Ville Heleuc


Panneau indiquant Les Bruyères d'Erquy

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Florence, the owner of our new place, is not quite ready to receive us. So we settle ourselves in the Tourist Office of Erquy to unpack our retractable office (computers, internet connections, phone recharges …) and a charming gentleman even brought us the documentation on sustainable tourism in the region. Mahery leverages this little time to advance the video  clip on Le Coup de Canon, that we will post shortly, while Justine made the ledger of the past few days (and yes, it must be a treasurer!) and started sorting photos.

Around 4pm, we started walking the small mile that separates us from Les Bruyeres where Florence welcomed us ceremoniously and we settled into our room, Les Grannes. Luxury!


Un délicieux repas et quelques heures de boulot plus tard, nous voilà confortablement installés devant L’approche, film de Raymond Depardon, 1er volet d’une série de documentaires proposant un voyage dans le monde rural (merci maman !).

Bonne nuit et à très vite pour de nouvelles aventures !

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