“Never be a tourist again”. This could have been Hopineo’s baseline. Is this the reason why we have decided to launch a partnership with the beautiful online marketplace Visit.org? Surely yes! But definitely not only.

A key to responsible tourism success!

Visit.org promotes tours and activities that not only benefit local communities, but also benefit the visitors.

How is that done?

Thanks to their amazing network of community-based tourism unique tours and activities, they allow visitors to add immersive local experiences to their existing travel itineraries. And thanks to these visitors, social organizations raise awareness and revenue for their causes.
We believe that directly linking tourism activities with local development is indeed THE way tourism should be run.
Showing that this way of running tourism is a major key to offer visitors high value added experiences is THE pedagogy that should be used to convince both professionals and tourists that responsible tourism simply is better tourism, on every aspects: social, environmental and of course economical.
In other words: “better trips, for better days!” Doesn’t it remind you about anything? 😉

Mutualizing for a greater cause

We at Hopineo strongly believe that it is numerous singular initiatives committed to the same cause that will together raise greater awareness and efficiency to the common cause. So when we met Caroline in London at the responsible tourism networking event organized aside of WTM London, it was obvious we had to build a partnership between the 2 organizations we are working for.
A few weeks later, both teams had worked together to identify how we could mutualize part of our activities:

  • First, visibility and cross marketing, through ours blogs, social networks, and facilities who are both on Visit.org and Hopineo.
  • Then, we realized that our network development models are similar: we both rely on Ambassadors to find new structures and sign them into our networks. So we will offer our respective Ambassadors to contribute both to Visit.org and our own network.

By implementing such partnership, both organizations allow themselves to grow and raise awareness faster, towards both visitor,s and tourism professionals committed to a responsible approach, focusing on community-based facilities.

Which leads us to another baseline you already know:

“Together, towards a better tourism”. 😉

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