Pouso Sambaquis B&B and Ecotourism
Ilhabela island, Brazil

Posada Sambaquis, Ilhabela, Brazil

The Company :
Our B&B has the purpose of valuing local elements of our culture, history and mainly of our nature, represented by the Atlantic Rainforest, which extends like a “green ocean” throughout our archipelago. Here we offers a unique and complete experience in ecotourism, good lodging and immersion within the culture and lifestyle of the traditional communities of Ilhabela, through ecotourism itineraries combining nature activities within the Atlantic Rainforest, with local history and culture.
Website : HopHost profile and videoWebsite of the company
Contact : Alex (alex@ciribai.com)
The Offer :
5 hours of work per day : Web Developer / Social Media / Reception / Housekeeping / Cleaning
We need help developing our new web page, and updating our social medias.
Here at the B&B we share all the tasks and therefore we also need people to help us with the reception, cleaning the rooms and cleaning the B&B when necessary.
Profile of the candidate : People looking for new experiences in tourism, with enough positive energy to share and absorb.
Beginning : searching all the time.
Duration : minimum accepted 1 or 2 months.

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