Welcome to the Hopineo blog!!

Here we are! To give insight into our project, for all may wish to read about it. Here, we offer a kind of letter of intention, an initial read into our wants and ambitions, which are constantly moving and evolving but also are all based on the same motivation, the common thread of Hopineo: to contribute towards a better world…

Aside from travelling the world, our wish is to discover, accumulate and document a richness of sensibilities, points of view, skills and practices to stimulate and encourage thoughts and opinions.  Do not hesitate to comment, criticize, debate amongst yourselves… as that is the objective!

We want to be a part of the process of the co-revolution!

With the economic crisis, the basis of our system is to condemn consumer tendencies and the ´must have´ culture in favour of collaborative consumption (recycling, the sharing of products and services…) for a better co-existence.

We believe that it is necessary to create new ways of life, not as a system of constraints but as an opportunity to promote and develop a socially, environmentally and economically innovative process, based mainly on the collective imagination, to feed the hope of better tomorrows, a more serene future that is both socially and humanly profitable.

Rose tinted glasses aside, we know that human nature can be negative (patriotism, individualism…) and that we will find deception and non-solidarity along the way. As such, we aim to always concentrate on and promote all that is positive in human nature, our faith in that which makes us believe that the balance is largely on the positive side of the scale.

To unravel cultures and values and promote diversity as an innovation…not in order to reinvent the world but to understand it and to collect the ingredients that could contribute to the collective innovation process for the common good.

  • To contribute with the collective intelligence of each of us towards the new motors of development, that will one day replace (or are already replacing) oil and communication, which ruled the last centuries.
  • To promote a bigger collaboration between individuals, organisations, cultures and societies, for an improved co-existence, based mainly on common sense.
  • To build on the wisdom of traditional societies whilst optimising the perks of western culture: with good knowledge of the latter, we will go as far as possible to reach ´societies of tradition´ via touristic structures made for and by them. The principle of village receptiveness is a perfect match for this double ambition of promoting alternative tourism and discovering traditional cultures.

To breathe ambition, feed vocations:

With this way of travelling the world, we wish to, with others, prove that it is possible to travel better and lighter whilst being useful. Many already do this; we wish to enrich the travelling community with a new way of undertaking the trip

Justine and Mahery – Hopineo

Translated by Holly Cooper

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