• Objective: To stimulate the local environment and to valorise the different actors.
  • Description: Set up local events.

Hopinnovations en développement local

Local anchorage, development of the activity

It is a necessity for every single sustainable touristic activity to fit into its local environment. It is firmly a key to success for an establishment to participate in the development of this environment so as to create or enrich a destination, and to increase the touristic attractiveness.
To this end, it is core to work with the different local actors, but it is also possible to spotlight them, by organizing events.

Some examples

La Borderie en Vert

Since 2013 at the Borderie de la Marchaizière, Catherine and Jean-Yves are organizing a moment of discovery, sharing and conviviality. It is an eminently local event; which aim is to make people discover all the wealth of Vendée. Many activities are planned: vegetable tasting, tales, cooking and tasting (local culinary specialty), carriage ride, various spaces (winemaker, body nature, cellarman, photo exhibit, organic farming…), etc.

Les Coquecigrues

For the hôtel**** LeCoq Gadby, it is a whole philosophy. From the outset, the establishment is organizing various events aiming at promoting Bretagne and the city of Rennes, by inviting producers, artists, artisans, and thus to show all the know-how and the Breton heritage, and more over the heritage of Rennes.
Véronique and Jacques Bregeon, the property owners, have notably contributed to initiate the Les Coquecigrues festival; which takes place every year since 2005 in several towns of Ile-et-Vilaine. There are shows, played in places pertaining to the Breton heritage (churches, castles…), intended for young and old alike.

To sum up

To organize a local event means to gather various actors, so as to make them being (re)discovered by both tourists and locals. Thus, the local activities are valued, wealth is distributed, the attractiveness of the destination increases.

Translated by Charlotte Le Goff

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