Terralatina arrives at Hopineo !

While Hopineo’s Tour de France, we were contacted by Jean-Luc Crucifix. He’s back from a 7 year experience in Venezuela, where he lead community based tourism projects. Jean-Luc is an expert in alternative tourism in Latin America (see his website Terralatina).

He lets us know that he is already in touch with Florie and The Hospitality Tour. We pick up a date together and meet in september during our stay in the shepherd house in Les Preits. If not love at first sight, we totally agree on our values, our wills and an specific idea of the way that may lead to sustainable tourism as a standard.

He is willing to benefit from his experience in Latin America to contribute to small accommodations development in south-east of France, where he lives now. A huge program which Hopineo will be part of, as Jean-Luc became a Hopinoer and joined the team the next day of our meeting.

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