An encounter,and the Hopineo team expands

Meeting on Skype  on Saturday 28th of June, 4 p.m. We meet Florie, currently in Barcelona, about to leave for The Hospitality Tour. Departing on 1st of July (She too !). An indefinite-term journey going from hotels to guest houses to campsites, exchanging her hotel business skills for bed and board. Remembers you of something ?!  Too many things in common to do not think about a collaboration. One hour later, 5 p.m., it is done: Florie joins the Hopineo team and will make an Hopineo Tour out of her Hospitality Tour ! Welcome in the team !!

Who is Florie ?

From her small village of Loir-et-Cher, Florie dreamt about learning English and crossing the oceans to live adventures filled with excitement.

She takes advantage of her international business studies to escape in Russia, then in Germany. She then specializes in hotel business and goes across the Pacific to work for Group Accor hotels in French Polynesia and New Zealand. Back in France, she joins the Lyon Sofitel team as sales person. After finishing a Revenue Management experience in Barcelona, Florie decided to go for her « Hospitality Tour » through Latin America, and to join with the Hopineo initiative.

The Hospitality Tour, 6 to 9 months in Latin America, or more…

Florie is therefore leaving on 1st of July 2014 ! She will be going from Mexico to Argentina, going through at least 16 countries. She will collect hopinnovations to present online on and reference new facilities willing to welcome future Hopinoers… If you want to know more, go to her site, on her Hopineo blog, on Twitter or even on Facebook ! With great joy and emotion, we wish WELCOME to Florie in the HOPINEO team !!

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