From end of December 2016 to end of March 2017, Liliane went on the path of  Justine et Mahery in Sénégal. She spent three wonderful months where HopTrips succeded to each other, all the more interesting and rewarding than the others. Testimony and more than other…images !

By Liliane Clément:

Results of 4 HopTrip : human, exchange and sharing

During these four HopTrips, human exchange went over my expectations.


Liliane en HopTrip Sénégal

Senegal is certainly the country of « terranga », this hospitality I had been so often told. And yes it is true that we feel good as soon as we land. But  Hopineo gave me the opportunity of exchanging and sharing with people who would have never crossed my path in a classical travel pattern.

Moreover, I took the time to slow down, and to understand. Understand their habits and thie customs, their culture, what we can do and what we cannot do. Understand their needs, their difficulties, their opportunities, their desires, and to accompany them in their path, humbly.


It is challenging to take us out of our comfort zone, to observe our daily life in a different way, and often to change of paradigm, but then in this way we take a big step forward in our own way of looking at life.

The menu of HopTrips in Senegal !

At the Alouga campement:

« […] Hyacinthe told me her project of realising a video to promote her tour to meet the villagers. I was there at the same time than…»
 Read more on the Campement Alouga in the rubrics « Lasts HopTrips ».


En Sobo Badè :

« […] Exchanging with the artists, the organisers, and the population would have been as rich, if I had not been the official photograph of the festival, like Hopineo enabled me to be ? Probably not. I spent 10 days where I lived at 100 hour in a place that invites thought to meditation. 10 full days at the end of which one is necessarily… […] » 

 Read more on the Sobo Badè in the rubrics « Lasts HopTrips ».

La source aux Lamentins :

« I spent 3 weeks in this dreamy eco-place.  La source aux lamentins  is managed by Anne Catherine Senghor, an humanist who radiates her joy of living, very enterprising and who facilitate meetings. My mission has been to take care of her professional Facebook page by introducing her eco-place but also the many villagers, and…[…] »
 Read more on the la Source Aux Lamantins in the rubrics « Lasts HopTrips ».

Liliane also realised a wonderful HopTrip at the Campement of Niombato in the sud of  Sine Saloum. She indeed prepared photo interships for next year. Stay tunned!


Translated by Esther Boyer

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