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Our HopTripers Ela & David from Move Our World left 3 months ago already. We left them in Siberia after Baikal. They were just touched and happy from this discovery. Invigorated by the extreme temperatures, they were going to cross to China, continuing they trip to South East Asia and India.

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A trip in the immensity of Asia

Once we have entered China from north, we had a month to go to the south at the Lao Border… What a challenge taking into account China’s size! At the beginning, we especially stopped in the biggest cities: Harbin, Beijing, Xi’An and Chengdu. We were shocked by the size of these cities but also by the cultural sumptuousness. China is a very surprising country for many reasons…. We had even the chance to visit is during the spring festival and New Year (the year of Roaster 🙂 )… Crazy experience!

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In the south, in Yunnan region, we finally got warm temperatures and high mountains. We met Lily, a passionate Naxi woman leading Xin Tuo Ecotourism. With her, we discovered the beauty of the mountains and its cultural diversity with more than 20 ethnic minorities. We also experienced the benefits of community based tourism in the region where conserving the environment and multi-identity is a key concern. (See Article) Thanks to Lily and her friends, we fell in love with Yunnan. What a paradise! We will go back for sure…

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In Asia to meet traditions

In Laos, we enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the quiet life of countryside. We traveled around Nam Ou river; an exceptional ecosystem unfortunately threatened by the construction of dams… Wherever in Muang Ngoi, Nong Khiaw and Muang Gnoi, the places will not let you unsensitive, the people neither. We deeply hope that this part of the world will be able to conserve all their cultural wealth, their way of living and will develop accordingly with a peaceful nature.

Laos, it is also a lot of traditions especially weaving. Weaving is in the daily life and everywhere we have been. So the highlight of our stay was a weaving class in Ock Pok Tok in Luang Prabang. This organization promotes since more than 15 years this art giving value to women’s work, master of a unique know-how. (see article)
Luang Prabang, it is finally for us the opportunity to meet Léa & Simon in their authentic quest. They explained us their project in association with the Mekong Office Tourism. Wahou! HopMeeting around the world, it is priceless… 🙂

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One more step to Ecotourism in Asia

Finally, after a family break in Thailand full of laugh and grilled fishes, we’ve been in Sri Lanka, our last step before India, the place also for our visa application. Sri Lanka, what a magic discovery between hospitality and abundant flora/fauna!
Our eco-responsible travel continued with a meeting with Mr Palitha Gurunsinghe, president of the Sri Lankan Ecotourism foundation. Between reality and green washing, we could ask a lot of questions and enjoy the experience of a person involved in ecotourism for many many years.

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On the practical side, we made a surprising encounter with Mr Najeem and his team from Ecowave. This organization is fresh and dynamic. They promote an organic agriculture (beautiful spices) putting the tourism in contribution. So tasty !
With all these encounters and all these new landscapes, we can now safely go to India for new adventures that we hope as rich, as intense and as meaningful as before. See you !!!

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Don’t forget, you can follow Ela and David’s travel on MoveOurWorld.com  and read again their articles.

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