Nearly 4 years after the crazy idea of a world community comprised of travellers and professionals of
the tourism industry and dedicated to responsible tourism, a big part of the dynamic team met in Britanny the last weekend of September to finally create an association Law 1901. Collegial governance, participating plans, kindness and happy spirits: the Hopineo association was born!

Voyagez comme personne

By and for travellers and entrepreneurs in the responsible, authentic and civic tourism industry!

It’s been just 4 year (almost by the day) since 2 committed citizens, motivated by building a better world, put into words and actions the idea of creating a world community dedicated to the development of a better tourism: more authentic, responsible and for the people. A tourism which would be closer to the original idea of travelling; a tourism not with tourists in the way we understand it, but a tourism with travellers getting involved with local actions, wherever they go. A tourism of citizens who became world citizens.

4 years have passed. Hundreds have contributed, directly or not, to the development of Hopineo, with some shared values and methods, keys to our work and commitment: exchange and collaborative economy, collective intelligence, with its humility and its capacity to adjust itself, to build a better world. All this is still here and, hopefully, will stay put thanks to our drive and passion. Every member of this community appears to me to be a kind guardian and promoter of these values.

These 4 years have designed and modelled, step by step, what we are today: a solidarity chain by and for travellers and entrepreneurs in the responsible, authentic and civic tourism industry; producer of solutions for a better tourism, and a better world.

This chain of solidarity is now going to get real, with different support actions, by and for experts of this virtuous tourism. Support for the first concerned: the HopTrippers. These youngsters or elderly, students or professionals in Tourism, Sustainable Devlopment or again social and united economy in a general way. This support comes in the form of HopTrips, which can be assimilated to the mentoring in responsible tourism; support for professional members of the Hopineo network – the HopHosts; and finally support for those who have the idea of a responsible tourism activity

The tool that has been developed in 2016 with so much energy, and that we can use today, is our website. It must enable us to put our plan into actions and, on a long term, must enable us or others to develop the community activity all around the world.

If the collective action is, and will always be, built thanks to human beings, finally becoming an association, with a shared governance, will enable Hopineo to make its actions sustainable beyond the individual participation. It is a big day in Hopineo’s development, which Justine and I have been waiting for a long time, and which we welcome today with great pleasure

As Lao Tseu said, “a journey of a 1000 miles always starts with a first step

On the 23rd of September 2017, it was a new step that we took together, under the guidance of Antoine, leading this first general assembly.

To finish this first article of a new era for the Hopineo community, the team wants to say a big, huge and massive THANK YOU to all those who have contributed, directly or not, to the Hopineo adventure from that beautiful day back in 2013. Thank you to the HopAngels for their support!! Thank you to the past and present HopAmbassadors, they are the one who “made” Hopineo! Thank you to those who have been part of the coordination team, because with no structure, there is no dynamism! Thank you to the numerous institutions, universities and other establishments who trusted and keep on trusting us! They enable us to pass on our humble expertise gained day after day in the field; and this is one of our main goals.

So thank you, and above all: WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!

L'équipe Hopineo à Saint-MaloPart of the team in Saint-Malo after the GA.

Article powered by Mahery, for the Communication House and translated from French to English by Valérie.


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