Saturday, May 16, 2015 on Place de la République in Paris.

Hopineo was at the 5th edition of the FairPride festival

This festival is an initiative of the Federation Artisans du Monde. it is one of the biggest, dedicated to fair trade, ecology, and civic engagement and Hopineo was on site !

The Fairpride gather every year many actors from the fair trade sector. AlterEco, Ethiquable, Max Havelaar were here and made your taste buds travel : a little coffee from Ethiopia with its piece of chocolate, who could resist ?

During one day, volunteers and commited actors get together around “cafe-debates“, conferences, tastings, concerts, and projections. They exchange their experiences, share their good actions and commitment, around themes that are important to them. Ecology, fair gastronomy, their commitment in ethical projects in France or worldwide, useful and responsible travels.

If you have a project in mind but you cannot take the plunge, it is the time to come listen, exchange, talf, and go 🙂 !

We were alongside the first ethical and solidarity network : ATES (Association pour le Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire). Justine and Mahery presented Hopineo to the travelers and Marion explained why she joined this wonderful adventure!

Marion présente son engagement pour un tourisme responsable“Hopineo is a new collaborative and responsible way to travel ! The idea, you give some time and competencies, in exchange of room and board, and meanwhile, you collect their good practices ! Are you willing to get involve in a human adventure and/or travel?Don’t hesitate to contact us, we have many things you might be interested in… You love spanish language and you do speak French, you can help Florie, actually in Ecuador (translate articles, subtitles of the videos,…) ! New departures to come soon ! Why not you ?”

Encounters, contacts and …

We met new people thanks to the event and broadcast for one of the first time the HopVideos around awareness to the issues and solutions for responsible tourism. Videos that everyone will soon discover in the WebDocumentary that will be out around the summer…

We are really thankful to ATES for this sollicitation, and we hope that we will link even deeper with this network in the near future.

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