Do you know the HopAmbassadors?

They are the people, travellers or settled, who find new authentic and committed structures for your #Holidays and your #Swaps! They are also the people who are collecting, for the moment, the substantial part of the good practices which allow:

  • Travellers to be the conveyor of a field expertise to their hosts suring their #swaps.
  • Tourism professionals to directly find new solutions to progress in their responsible approach and to develop their activity.

If you would like to become HopAmbassador, click here/follow this link!

Among these ambassadors, some have their own HopBlog so as you can follow their adventure in live:

Justine and Mahery :

HopTour en Afrique de l'Ouest pour Justine et Mahery

You may follow them in their West African journey; or relive their Tour of France 2014.

You will also find on this blog the eco-logical experimentations of the couple in terms of cosmetics, food, thoughts and other DIY…Happy transition…;-)

Florie :


More than 18 months have passed since her departure for Latin America. She was supposed to stop in Argentina…she is now on the verge to cross the Brazilian border from Paraguay for some more months of HopTour.
Follow her amazing adventure to discover the Latin American version of the responsible tourism.
NB: Florie is also the one who has developed the marketing manual available in the “Solutions” section of the website.

Nassim :


Nassim left for India in October to give the starting signal of the “Trip du RouxTard“, and he aims to reach Australia. He is meeting the “actors of the positivity”, of whom the actors of the responsible tourism.

Jean-Luc and Louis, currently in France, are also putting their respective blog online very soon. It will be announced at the right time to allow you to follow Jean-Luc in the South-East; and Louis during his HopTour in Brittany/Vendée, focused on the fight against food waste (especially, but not exclusively…).
Adèle and Paul in Australia, Lucia and Alejandro or Véronique in Latin America, are about to become Hopineo ambassadors as well.
As you will have understood, besides the contributions from about fifty people who are currently constituting the HopAngels, and the work of eight “permanent” team members, the development of Hopineo is mainly based on the HopAmbassadors, who are developing the network and the knowledge on
This is the context in which we need you to help Hopineo to balance the budget because this project, as you know, is primarily based on the open contributions of the platform users and beneficiaries.
Yet the beneficiaries, the tourism professionals on the one hand and the travellers who go to make some #Swap on the other hand, are also the travellers who want to leave for dream destinations for memorable and, of course, responsible trips (and it can’t be said to often, both are frequently linked!).

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Translated from French by Charlotte Le Goff.

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