le Gîte Chant de l'Eau, au Sappey-en-Chartreuse

In the cottage the Chant de l’Eau, at the Sappey-en-Chartreuse (in the Fench Alps), Hopineo followed up its previous mission. This time, it is Jean-Luc who was HopTriping. He tells us everything.

Justine et Mahery stopped by during their Tour de France. For a few days, they shared with Colette and Bruno the every-day life of the inn the Chant de l’Eau. An every-day life punctuated mainly by the farm work : take care of the vegetable garden and the orchards ; feed the sheep, take out the cart horse et take care of its friend Basile the donkey… Because the Chant de l’Eau is a real farm which feature is the aim of self-sufficiency, how they use to do in the traditionnal farms of the Chartreuse, one or two generations ago.

And it is the many products of the farm that are offered to the residents of the inn.

The heart of the territory

le Gîte Chant de l'Eau, au Sappey-en-ChartreuseThat’s putting it mildly to say that the Chant de l’Eau is firmly at the heart of the territory. Originaly from the village, Colette and Bruno, the owners, are the best ambassadors of their region, which they know every corner and any story, for having lived it.

Both of them are also absolute defenders of the responsibility of tourism : responsability of the service providers but also of the tourists. This dual commitment, for their region and for a respectful tourism, that is the basis of their activity in the inn.

During their stay at Le Sappey, Justine and Mahery worked with Colette and Bruno on the creation of a welcome booklet that will put forward this engagement. A first draft had been done. With my companion Mila, I went to the Chant de l’Eau with the mission to rework on this welcome booklet. Meanwhile, Colette and Bruno had time to think their ideas over and the content of this booklet.

Content and form

During two days, we revised and corrected, page by page, the booklet of the cottage. Some of the previous suggestions have been selected and developped (it is important to put words on ideas and values), while others have not been taken : not because they were not good, but because they needed a time investment that the owners of the cottage weren’t able to give (create an educational farm in the cottage for example).

Beyond the contant, we worked together on the form that will be given to the welcome booklet. This was to match with the values which the cottage clames.

Reflect the values

Gite chant de l'Eau au Sappey en ChartreuseWhile we were at it, we naturaly went trhough the question of the image that has to be shown :a series of suggestions concerning the lay out and the decoration of the different areas of the cottage, especiall the large common room that is the vital center of the house. This is the ideal place, not only to give practical informations do the guests but also to reflect the values and the commitments of Colette and Bruno.

An essential educational work to break off with the mass tourim’s reflexes and induce new behaviors, more respectful of nature and of local culture.

From there, it seem normal to review also the website, so it can reflect the values exposed in the welcome booklet. A proposition had been made in this direction, making sure to keep the tool with which Bruno manages his current website. It is indeed important  that he can keep the control on it.

The need of network

At the cottage Le Chant de l’Eau, the work continues. The results should be available before spring. Hopineo hopes it has been useful in that process (because it is a precess), helping Colette and Bruno to clarify their values (put words on it, as I said before) and to reinforce they commitments.

Because Hopineo is also a network : the fact of being less lonely is, undoubtedly, the best Hopineo can bring to small tourism organizations, confessed Bruno. Like Colette and Bruno, those organizations don’t lack of ideas nor ideals, but feel extremely isolated, absorbed by their daily tasks.

le Gîte Chant de l'Eau, au Sappey-en-Chartreuse

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