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  • Accommodation type : camping
  • Location : Normandy, rural
  • Surface area : 6 ha
  • Opening dates : April to September
  • Reduced number of intermediaries in the supply chain, organic and local products (food and agriculture + local development).
  • Waste sorting at camping entrance (waste management).
  • Plastic bags replaced with fabric bags (waste management).
  • Use of cleaning products with Ecolabel (waste management)
  • Preservation of fauna and flora (construction and development)
  • Nature tours organized by the “Kids Club” (raising awareness among tourits)
  • Herbs Garden : provision of aromatic herbs for the customers (food and agriculture + raising awareness among tourits)
[/tab][tab] Raphaël or Nicole | +33 (0)2 31 64 72 88
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  • Tour de France 2014 : The Hopineo team came when roaming on july 2nd to discover the domain and its managers, and to take a look to the hopinnovations already implemented.

The camping is located in the Normandy countryside, more precisely in the Calvados, not far from Lisieux.

Raphaël Bony is the manager of the Castel camping Le Brèvedent. He is the son and grandson of the domain’s owners, who are very involved in the camping activity. Every Sunday evening, Mrs Gurrey reveals the history of the place, of the region and of the family settled here for over 200 years. This takes place in the old Manor’s living room.

The reception is warm and responsible, the food is local and organic, and the park is woody and colorful.

Swimming pool and pond (with canoes !) are available.

Families and kids are very welcome. The camping equipment is very convenient : there is a biberoneria within the precincts of the Manor with all the necessary equipment to the babies’ comfort : bottle warmer, baby-cook, microwave, sterilizer, and even a park to distract “baby” while his bottle is warming.

Le Brévedent also has a Kids Club which offers many activities for children, such as walks and forest plays to help them (re)discover the fauna and flora.

Another feature of the camping : music has a special place in the activity.  The family like music, and some family members even work in this area. Acoustic concerts are organized, and all musicians are welcome to come and participate in these soft and intimate evenings which usually talke place in the Manor’s bar, for a journey into another world.

Finally, the food is organic and local : the cidre comes from the Ferme des Bruyères Carré in Moyaux (5 km from the camping), the honey and the rillettes come from a producer located in Le Faulq, less than one mile from the campsite.

Le Brévedent offers three diferent kinds of accommodation :

  • Traditional camping pitches, or premium ones for even more comfort,
  • Luxury mobile homes for up to 6 people,
  • The tent Lodge, 24 sqm near the forest.

Discover the Castel Camping Le Brèvedent in pictures :

Translated from French by Anaëlle.

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