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  • Type of facility: cottage
  • Situation: South West of France, rural
  • Capacity: 2 cottages (total capacity : 11 people)
  • Opening period: all year round



Marianne and Christian Vergez | +33 (0)5 62 65 03 58



  • Tour de France 2014 : Hopineo was in the Eco-logis (Eco-lodge) of Ensarnaut on August 12th 2014. We met Marianne and Christian to discover their magic place and learn about their hopinnovations.


Somewhere between Lamaguère and Tachoire, Marianne et Christian Vergez have been tamed by the Gers (South West of France) as they like to say. They have created Ensarnaut’s Ecolodge: a “little” paradise with cohesion between nature and space. A kind of world’s end feeling…

The couple arrived in Gers after having run a poney club in Belgium, that already was ecological and ethological. How did they come in this very rural area? by embracing their confines, source of creativity. As they had never sold one of their poneys, they were not willing to do it neither when they stopped their former activity. So they decided to find a solution for their poney’s retirement…

[box type=”note” ]A 65ha for a maximum of 11 people. A vision of luxury…[/box]

The 65ha domain, which is in a “Natura 2000” area (European program for the environment), welcomes the guests with its 2 cottages and numerous pedagogical and artistic paths. Wether you like to hike or ride (horses or bikes), you can we take advantage of this special place as you like.

The cottages are located in a barn that has been renovated with healthy and natural material such as mud and cellulose wadding. Spacefull, Spacious, they welcome family or friends reunions as well as couples who want to regain calm. If you have the opportunity to spend time over there, do not hesitate a second! Perhaps you will discover the magic panoramic terrace…

If you want to see the 19 poneys, you will have to find them first. Same thing for the rustic cows. But even if the animals live freely in a perfect harmony with men and nature, Christian always knows where to find them, according to the season and the time of the day.

Artistic workshops (land art, walking-sketch …) and horseback riding are available on site.
You can rent a pony, to walk around with a young child in the property, or to go buy organic products at Roseline, the neighbor.

And if you want to ride the poneys, no problem! During 2 hours and a half sessions, Christiant will teach you how to communicate simply with them, in order to fully enjoy the time you will spend with them.

If your artistic side is tickling you, Marianne will be happy, during the walking-sketch, to show you that anyone can draw, if you can change your gaze and have some keys.

But here again, no worry. Marianne and Christian are amazing people and very available hosts. So follow the guides…

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