Valerie, HopAmbassador, Oceania

Valérie, HopAmbassadrice

Valerie, HopAmbassador in Australia at the moment, answers a few questions…

Valérie, who are you?

I am a world citizen, and a 25 y.o. kid: I love running bare feet on the grass, I can chat for hours with someone I just met, I get busy and entertained with small things, meals are an important part of my days, and I have plenty of dreams, more or less wild.

Talking about the devil, what are your wildest dreams?

I dream about a world without visa.

Not only will it make it easier on the logistical and financial sides, but a world where visas don’t exist would be an ideal world where we wouldn’t need to check one another to live together, a world where one could travel in the whole world without having to justify himself, without being judged, without being seen as “refugee”, “immigrant” or else.

I dream about a world without weapons.

Because without these dangerous tools, we would have to express or disagreement, our anger or hate with words, not only with violence.

And if this wasn’t crazy enough, I dream about a world where human beings would be reasonable, with no desire to always have more, without financial, environmental, mental, physical or any other abuses.

On a more personal level, my wildest dream is to speak every language spoken in the world today!

Why and how did you decide to join Hopineo?

I took the opportunity to join Hopineo to be active in the sector or responsible tourism and the sustainable development of tourism in general. Hopineo allows me to put my passion to the service of a great cause, whenever I can.

I help with Hopineo work with some translations, and I am looking for potential HopHosts in Sydney. I am also thinking of organising a HopTrip between Perth and Adelaide in the coming months.

To be continued then :). Last words?

I leave the last words to Mr Gandhi, who said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Translated from French by : Valérie

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