Tourism, in the very heart of sustainable development.

As we know, sustainable development is built on three equally important pillars : social, economic and environmental.

Why tourism is concerning all of those three pillars ?

Economic Impact:

Without a doubt, the tourism sector, by its transversatility, is a great driver of the economy of a country, region, town, or any other kind of predefined area. Tourism touches all sectors of the economy, particularly in the allocation of resources. Many countries that attract tourists from around the world are countries that have strong development needs. To prioritize and promote responsible structures in these  countries will allow, even humbly, a sustanaible development of those areas and of planet earth.

Social Impact:

Tourism activity contributes to improve local living conditions, if managed responsibly.

In addition, cultural exchanges and interactions are at the heart of the tourist activity.

Environmental Impact:

In paying special attention to the way in which tourist activities are managed, we can contribute towards the minimisation of its environmental impact. Better still, if the participants of tourism gear their activities towards an environmental awareness or concience, this could become the basis for a positive impact on the environment.

 Translated by Holly Cooper Chima.

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