The Hospitality Tour in Latin America – Day 115

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog Country…

I’m already in my 2nd week in Costa Rica, time flies so quickly! I lived a first very special hotel experience at Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, very special on a positive way…
This lodge is really located off the beaten tracks (2h in collective bus on a dirt road from the closest city), the property counts 100 hectares of primary rainforest and 169 hectares of secondary reforested one. Can you imagine? The surrounding fauna and flora is then indeed a very wild one!

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog Country Costa Rica Hopineo

I became friend with a few hotel employees who grew up within this small village of Boca Tapada. It was such a great experience because they took me at night or at sunrise, to wander the jungle or the marsh, to go discovering incredible colorful animals… from the most inofensive tiny cute frog, to the big caimans, a very complete menu! And there are as well plenty of tropical birds that ornithology passionates come to observe, sometimes from very far all around the world. In fact I worked on this matter during my week at Laguna del Lagarto: how to better attract “birdwatchers” deploying a pertinent marketing strategy towards this niche market (cf the result of my work reading this article).Compil oiseaux Costa Rica
How such an isolated jungle lodge can arise one day like this? I invite you to discover the answer reading the last article of my blog: La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, click here (and this is quite of a story, I really encourage you to discover it!)

This week, I don’t leave nature, however, this is a different kind of experience: I’m welcomed by a French couple who came to Costa Rica in 2006 in order to build a charming small eco-lodge at the foot of Tenorio Volcano… but this is another story, watch out the blog, the article will be published very soon ;-)

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