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Documentary Hopineo (15 min)

Documentary : Hopineo towards sustainable tourism Following Hopineo’s Tour of France (July, 1st / October, 31st 2014), we made a documentary presenting our organization, its goals and our learning from this 4 months trip. If you want to show this film to…

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Meeting Jean-Luc Terralatina – Hopinoer

Terralatina arrives at Hopineo ! While Hopineo’s Tour de France, we were contacted by Jean-Luc Crucifix. He’s back from a 7 year experience in Venezuela, where he lead community based tourism projects. Jean-Luc is an expert in alternative tourism in Latin…

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Tour de France Hopineo – month #3 video


From the heights of the shepherd’s house to the tree house, from the Alps, in south of France, to Franche-Comté, in the east, here is the video of the third month of the Tour de France Hopineo for sustainable tourism….

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Le groupe aborigène Bundjalung Kunjiel avec Mahery

Hopineo meets Bundjalung Kunjiel, Australian Aborigenes

Bundjalung Kunjiel : Australia in Dordogne July 31st, 2014. It was during a tracking workshop in the heart of a forest in the Black Perigord that we had the chance to recross our friends from the Aboriginal band Bundjalung Kunjiel. (We met them…

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A vision for tourism, by Hopineo

The second video production “made by Hopineo”. We propose you to discover: the utopia towards wich we try to tend why we chose tourism to contribute to a better world and finally our definition of responsible tourism.  

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Hopineo by Hopineo

Thanks to our friend Pierre Baudais, who we will never thank enough, we produced last week-end our first presentation video. Almost 200 views on YouTube. It’s a start! ;-) Musical credits : Hey Brother (Aviici) and Man In The Mirror…

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