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Do you want to be profitable?

Responsible tourism, or sustainable tourism: a key element to become profitable as a small or medium facility. Decryption and solutions.

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Sustainable Tourism Providers? Marketing Challenges?

Florie Thielin

Who are the true providers of sustainable (or responsible) tourism? What are the real issues and solutions in terms of marketing?  These two questions have been with Florie since the very beginning of her adventure through Latin America. We have shared…

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Le groupe aborigène Bundjalung Kunjiel avec Mahery

Hopineo meets Bundjalung Kunjiel, Australian Aborigenes

Bundjalung Kunjiel : Australia in Dordogne July 31st, 2014. It was during a tracking workshop in the heart of a forest in the Black Perigord that we had the chance to recross our friends from the Aboriginal band Bundjalung Kunjiel. (We met them…

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On the complexity of “selling” sustainable tourism

“Sustainable tourism you say? Do you expect me to be sleeping in a shed?” Throughout our investigations and meetings, we have witnessed how tricky it is for very small businesses trying to do good to communicate on their commitment to…

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