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Bonnes pratiques pour un tourisme responsable

Notice of good practices

Accommodations bearing the EU Ecolabel are under a kind of obligation to have notices in the rooms explaining, for example: How the heating works: how the buttons work and reminders such as ´do not leave…
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Politique environnementale

Responsible welcome booklet

The welcome booklet: information, education, awareness Compulsory for eco-labelled establishments and often present in businesses that are committed to sustainable development, the welcome booklet is made available in bedrooms or in the entrance hall. It…
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Sustainable tourism, do we communicate ?

Sustainable tourism stakeholders struggle to communicate their commitments to their visitors, and above all to make it a differentiating factor, a reservation factor. We talk about “sustainable communication” (or “greenmarketing”) in opposition to the greenwashing, and the communication/marketing sector put…

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