HopTour Asia with Ela & David – India on target

“Meet sustainable practices in tourism and people that lead them”

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On January 3rd 2017, Ela and David will start their trip in Asia going through Russia (transsiberian) and China with the objective of finally reaching India in order to realize 4 months HopTour (a short detour to Nepal is highly possible).

Their Goal? Meet sustainable practices in tourism and people that lead them.

Ela and David are both passionate about travel. They already had chance to visit different parts of the world. Sustainable tourism came to them relatively recently. They were of course very sensitive to environment and culture protection but they were not aware that so many people were actively “fighting” every day to build a better and responsible tourism.

When they discovered Hopineo initiative few months ago, they decided to join the enthusiastic team and contribute also in moving the world. They are happy to spread around Hopineo’s values and positivity.

What skills do Ela and David offer to swap?

Ela & David want to spend 4 to 7 days on the following topics:

  • Marketing and communication: support with marketing and communication plan. Create the Hopineo.org profile. Advise with the social media communication
  • Share their experience of travelers and help to set up an action plan to develop the activity and the experience of the visitors.
  • Realize short videos in order to promote the place
  • Share their experience in hotel, bar and restaurant management

Who are Ela and David?

Move Our World

Ela is polish. She has worked in hospitality industry for the last 15 years; in bar, restaurant, hotel and events. She was recently managing the Pałac Zdunowo, one of the most famous venue for weddings and conferences around Warsaw.

Ela is excited about diversifying her skills.

David is from Reunion Island. He has experience in marketing and communication that he basically got from Pharmaceutical Industry during 5 years. He recently oriented himself in training and spent a lot of his spare time in developing digital skills (website and video).

He cannot wait to make visible the positive initiatives that they will identify.

Move Our World & Hopineo

Ela and David have a dream. They hope to be able to host guest in the future and share with them responsible and sustainable practices.

To contact them: contact@moveourworld.com

The itinerary?

Follow their adventures:

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