Montecristo River Lodge, Nicaragua

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  • Type of facility: hotel
  • Situation: Nicaragua
  • Capacity: 8 bungalows
  • Opening period: all year round
[/tab][tab] Energy:

  • Off-Grid: 50% Solar energy and 50% gasolin charger inverter.
  • Low-consumption lights bulbs, fans, refrigeradors, buthane gas kitchen.
  • No Air-conditionning.

Waste Management:

Use a maximum of refillable containers, and avoid plastic. Separation and responsible disposal of waste:

  • Organic : goes to feed the pigs and dogs, and make compost;
  • Metal : a resource which is sold;
  • Glass : the main part is on deposit and goes then back to the company, or donations are done to reuse them;
  • Plastic: high quality one is collected to be recycled.

Water Management:

  • Filtering dark water through septic tanks.
  • Water pumped from two wells.

Agriculture & Catering:

  • Produces their own plantains, cacao, vanilla, coconuts, mangos, papaya…
  • Buy and trade with local farmers and producers.


  • Worked exclusively with very local labor, used local and renewable material when possible.
  • Construction in local wood from trees which were falling down, and planted bamboos.

Social Responsibility:

  • Donated once computers to a local school.
  • Boat lent when needed for emergency.
  • Welcomes students and NGO to learn about sustainable practices.
  • Grows indigenous plants in a nursery and gives them away to neighbors for reforestation.
  • Some of the fishes that tourists caught are given away to local institutions (maternity house, police and army).

Local Development:

  • Involved in the development of community tourism projects.

Travelers’ Awareness:

  • Manual for responsible tourism in the room.
  • Explain the importance of environmental respect during nature tours.

Local Heritage & Biodiversity:

  • Present the guests with a wide range of activities and tours during which people learn about local heritage and nature.
  • 70 hectares of natural private reserve with hiking tracks.

Transports & Green Mobility:

  • Offer hiking tracks, horse back riding tours, and canoe to rent.
[/tab][tab] Agustin | (+505) 8649-9012 | [/tab][tab]
  • Hospitality Tour 2014 : Florie has been there in October 2014 to carry out the missions mentioned below and to list the hopinnovations implemented.
  • Mission : E-communication strategy to attract international tourists

Nicaragua avec Agustin et Gladys de Montecristo River LodgeMontecristo River Lodge, these are 8 bungalows along the Rio San Juan River, south of Nicaragua, right next Costa Rica border. Agustin tries his best to develop the project on the most sustainable way. The lodge is located at 6km of El Castillo village and famous fort, and accessible by boat. It’s surrounded by 70 hectares of protected natural reserve in the tropical rainforest and its rich flora and fauna wildlife.

All the region was “in standby” these last years, waiting for the confirmation of the future interoceanic channel itinerary. It seems that it is now official, it won’t pass through the Rio San Juan, and Agustin is currently starting to look for investors to improve and develop this eco-tourism project. Willing to invest in Nicaragua?!

For an account of Florie’s experience, follow the link below:
Montecristo River Lodge, on the Mythical Rio San Juan

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