The GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) is an international and independent organization working on the development of international criteria to give a global definition and framework to sustainable tourism. The GSTC is working with the approval and recognition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
With the support of GSTC Representative for Brazil, D’Arcy Dornan, Florie worked with her italian colleague Giada Masiero on a presentation to give a quick overview of the GSTC criteria and illustrate them with videos of concrete field solutions done by Florie during her HopTour. See and download the presentation here.
During her HopTour through Latin America, Florie had the chance to take part in the GSTC pre-ESTC15 conference meeting in Quito (April 2015, Quito). She invites you to meet Randy Durband, GSTC Chief Executive Officer, on the video above.
Florie also met Luigi Cabrini, GSTC Chairman :

Watch all the videos that Florie made during the ESTC15 conference organized by TIES in Quito asking many attendees the two same questions: “What is your contribution to sustainable tourism? Why do you attend ESTC15 conference?” Click here to watch the videos
GSTC Team at ESTC15 Quito

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