Leave Far Live Close – Brand new HopTour in Asia

“Positively influence the regions crossed and work against mass tourism”

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Marie et Jeanne HopTour Asie Leave Far Live Close

Marie & Jeanne’s HopTour in South-East Asia

They have long dreamt of discovering Asia. On next January, 2nd, Jeanne and Marie will fly to the Chinese Sichuan province; which will be their first stop in their HopTour in South-East Asia.

Their ecological awareness and their determination to make their contribution to the conservation of the environment made them want to travel in a different way, so as to positively influence the regions crossed and to work against mass tourism. Thus responsible tourism has emerged as a new way to meet persons involved in these very same causes, and to spread their values around the world.

During this HopTour, they will be visiting touristic structures, involved in sustainable tourism. They will put their experience at the service of these structures, providing them a one-time support for a period of 5 to 10 days.

Who are Jeanne & Marie ?

Jeanne is a 23-year-old media law graduating woman. Since her Erasmus program experience, she sees travelling as a complete way of life; which allows for enrichment and learning thanks to the persons met along the way.
Her personality in 3 words: resourceful, tolerant, funny (according to herself).

To contact Jeanne: Linkedin Profile

Marie, 23 years old, specializes in tourism and hospitality marketing. Passionate about travelling and avid for discoveries, she liked to live as close as possible to the locals, and she perceives travelling as a variety of human contacts.

Her personality in 3 words: curious, thoughtful, fearless.

To contact Marie: Linkedin Profile

What is their (scheduled) itinerary?

They took a one-way ticket; but their return ticket is flexible! Their journey starts in Chengdu, in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Then they will cross the South-East Asia up to Bali, Indonesia. Their adventure will last 5 months (and more if they wish so!)

Leave far live close hoptour asie

Follow their adventures!

On their blog : www.leavefarliveclose.com
On Facebook: Facebook Hopineo – Asia
To contact them by email: contact@leavefarliveclose.com

Translated by Charlotte Le Goff

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