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[HopHosts] : etymologically a contraction of the word “Hopineo” and the word “Host”. Small and medium independent touristic facilities, involved in a responsible approach (accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, local guides…).

All of them offer visitors a unique and authentic travel experience.

All of them have been visited by a HopAmbassador, or recommended by a network member.

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
4 Rivers Floating Lodge Rural Cambodia Yes
Fondation Ama Torres del Paine, Chili Ama Torres del Paine Funds and other organisations Rural, Montagne, Zone tempérée Chile Yes
Ancud, Chiloe, Chile Ancud Municipality - Chiloe Funds and other organisations Rural, Mer, Zone tempérée Chile Yes
tourisme communautaire Ausangate Peru Hopineo Andean Lodges Activities, Community based tourism, Packages and tours Montagne, Zone tempérée, Zone froide Peru No
Anlung Pring Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses Rural, Zone chaude Cambodia No
Piscine Aqua Viva Tulum Aqua Viva Tulum Hotels & guest houses Rural, Mer, Zone chaude Mexico Yes
Equipe des employés de Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Hotels & guest houses Urbain, Zone chaude El Salvador Yes
Inti Wasi Lodge, Lac Titicaca, Pérou ASTURS & Inti Wasi Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses, Packages and tours Rural, Zone tempérée Peru Yes
Australis Packages and tours Mer, Montagne, Zone tempérée, Zone froide Chile Yes
Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa Mer, Zone chaude Mexico Yes

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