What is the message ?

Once you have defined your audience’s profiles, take the time to identify which message(s) to communicate. It is also good to know which are the most important points to emphasise based on your company but also depending on each market segment or type of traveller.

Communicating your global offer:

  • What kind of travel experience do you offer? Tell a story that is clear and imaginative; one that portrays an appealing image to your visitors. Be realistic and avoid exaggeration or you run the risk of disappointing your guests.
  • What makes your company ideal in satisfying the needs of your target market? Consider your customers and be pragmatic. If your target is young parents with children, concentrate on the features and activities that would appeal most to them.
  • Do you highlight testimonials from past visitors? Doing so is a good way to attract future visitors and generate trust.

Communicating your competitive advantage(s):

  • Where do you position yourself compared to your competitors? What are your strengths? What makes you unique, exclusive, extraordinary?
  • Are you aware of your competitors’ rates, and their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you able to sum up in a sentence what makes the experience with your company exclusive?

Communicating the benefits to travellers:

  • When describing your best sustainable tourism practices, do you also highlight its benefits to travellers?
  • Do you offer alternatives to practices that are not “responsible?” For example, if a visitor asks for an elephant ride excursion, offer him a participative experience within a rehabilitation centre for abused elephants instead.

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