Marketing : Level 3 Advanced

Evaluate and improve your marketing strategy

Product & Price

  1. Have you well identified your main market segments, how to answer to their specific expectations and to communicate efficiently towards them ? (cf CBI studies for examples)
  2. Do you have a pertinent booking cancellation and modification policy ?
  3. Do you offer online payment methods ?
  4. Do you practice a dynamic pricing strategy ?
  5. Do you monitor your Key Performance Indicators ? (like your RevPar)

Distribution Channels & Promotion

  1. Do you communicate guests benefits of your sustainable (responsible) practices for a better tourism ?
  2. Is your channel manager connected to your PMS (Property Management System) ?
  3. Within your website, do you have a blog where you publish pertinent articles using storytelling ?
  4. Do you publish short videos to liven up your website ?
  5. Are you proactive in getting press articles featuring your stories ? For example for the french-speaking market : voyageons-autrement and/or TV5MONDE
  6. Do you efficiently promote the diverse leisure activities in your destination ?
  7. Do you have an efficient emailings strategy ?
  8. Do you appear on Google (of each “Google” of the different countries that you are targeting) first page of results when looking for pertinent keywords (like hotel + destination name) ?
  9. Do you have a LinkedIn profile in order to connect with other tourism colleagues ?
  10. Do you use Twitter in order to interact with influential and pertinent people for your destination ? Have you created lists ?
  11. Do you plan your posts en social media, using for example Hootsuite ?
  12. Do you take part to conversations taking place on online travel forum (TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet…) ?

Case Studies

Are you looking for practical guides to help you with the implementation of your marketing actions ?
Would you like to see some examples of what the HopTripers can do when they swap their skills for room and food ?

Free to share

This content was produced with the intention of being openly utilized by the public to help the sector of responsible tourism progress forward.
It may be broadcast and distributed freely as long as there are no modifications to the content and credit is given to its author(s): Hopineo and Florie Thielin.