Marketing : Level 2 Intermediary

Evaluate and improve your marketing strategy

Product & Price

  1. Do you know well your competitors rates, strenghts & weaknesses ? (your positioning and competitive advantage)
  2. Could you sum up in one sentence what makes the experience at your hotel different from others ? (your selling point)
  3. Did you identify which your main customers market segments are ? (couples, families, groups, backbackers, birdwatchers, scientifics…) (national, north american, europeans…)

Distribution Channels & Promotion

  1. Do you visualize which are the different “paths” taken by potential future guests to make a reservation ? (cf diagram on the right)
  2. Do you have a clear and attractive website ?
    1. with high quality pictures ?
    2. with a user-friendly navigation menu ?
    3. using a responsive template ?
    4. which loads quickly ?
    5. available in various languages ? (if you target international guests)
  3. Do you use a channel manager ? (for example MyAllocatorBeds 24, QuickYield)
    1. to centralize your availabilities and rates updates of your different distribution channels ?
    2. to use a booking engine on your website and facebook page ? (called as well booking button, or book now)
    3. to better track your bookings and sales statistics ? (occupancy and average daily rate)
  4. Do you appear on the top 5 TripAdvisor results for your destination ?
  5. Do you have a clear objective concerning your Facebook page ?
  6. Do you know well the receptive agencies selling your region / country ?
  7. Do you appear on travel guides (Lonely Planet, Frommers, Routard, Petit Futé…) ?
  8. Do you monitor your website analytics ?

Case Studies

Are you looking for practical guides to help you with the implementation of your marketing actions ?
Would you like to see some examples of what the HopTripers can do when they swap their skills for room and food ?

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