Marketing : Level 1 Beginner

Evaluate and Improve your Marketing Strategy

  1. Do you have a google account and an email dedicated to your company ?
  2. Do you have an official company Facebook page which is linked to its location ?
  3. Do you have a basic website ?
  4. Does your company appear on GoogleMaps ?
  5. Does your company appear on TripAdvisor ?

Special [Excursions]

  1. Do you sell your tours through another website (like viator) ?

Special [Foundations & NGOs]

  1. Do you sell your tourism services on ?

Special [Hotels]

  1. Do you sell your rooms through another website (, airbnb, hostelworld) ?

*We use here the term “hotel”, but all these tips applied also to other types of tourism accomodation facilities (bed & breakfast, ecolodges, hostels…).

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This content was produced with the intention of being openly utilized by the public to help the sector of responsible tourism progress forward. It may be broadcast and distributed freely as long as there are no modifications to the content and credit is given to its authors : Florie Thielin & Isabelle Rohan, Ambassadors Hopineo.

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