HopMOOC : Tourism and visual disability

Give the possibility to people with disabilities to have access to vacations as anyone else does, and to leave freely. To feel equal.
Marie and Georges Ricard, La Ricardière -Guest house, Island of Groix (France)

In partnership with La Ricardière, guest house on the island of Groix, (France), we offer to tourism profesionals the first HopMOOC:

How to welcome visually impaired people in your facility?

La Ricardière, Chambre d'hôtes à Groix
Hopineo, vers un tourisme responsable


Understand the issue of visual disability in tourism.
Comprehend the solutions to take action.
Become conviced that it is possible!


7 videos from 3 to 4 minutes.

Social cohesion and clientele development

Among the 1.7 million French visually impaired people, more than 200 000 are deeply impaired or blind!  Despite the labels, very few facilities suit the visually impaired people.

The welcoming of this public in tourism facilities is not only a matter of social cohesion but also a marketing “niche” not to be overlooked. Especially once the hosting system is implemented and the first concerned customers conviced, the news spread quickly within the networks because, once again, very few facilities seem to be appropriate to allow them real great vacations…

And good news: it is possible! It is up to you!

For the anecdote...

Beginning of june 2015, on the advice of Caroline Heller, from the CRT Bretagne (Britain tourism board), and on the request of Marie and Georges Ricard, owners of the guest house La Ricardière, Justine and Mahery landed on the island of Groix, in front of Lorient, in Brittany (France).

They first made a #Swap HopTrip at Jean’s from TopSail, who made them cross from Lorient to Groix on the Intrepid, his 16 meter-boat.

A intense encounter that allowed this humble MOOC to exist, that shows once again that we can deal with some humor with an especially serious and important subject.

Preamble: presentation and introduction to visual disability

  • Who are Marie and Georges Ricard?
  • Why do they do those videos?
  • What are the different kind of visual impairements?
  • What are the key figures?

#Demystify #Open #HelpSmallFacilities

To go further...

A human accompaniment is essential to go further into this approach and to implement the necessary arrangements to welcome the largest number of people.

To move forward:

  • Ask the local organizations, that your can find on the website Aveuglesdefrances.org (France only).
  • And / or contact Marie and Georges Ricard. They are available for doing a #Swap HopTrip in your facility to help you with this approach (as long as you pay for their transportations).

Marie and Georges Ricard – La Ricardière
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