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Multimedia courses: HopMooc

We must learn to know, know to understand, understand to judge.

[MOOC] : Massive Open Online Course
Open educational resource, accessible online,which learning objectives are open, and in which the participants also create the content.

[HopMOOC] : In a humbler version than the MOOC, it is ludic multimedia content (videos, quizz, inforgraphics) for pedagogical purposes. Deliberately easy to use, their objective is to transmit knowledge, general or specific, acquired thanks to our field explorations.

As the rest of our contents, it is about concrete subjects and proven solutions, that you can find also in the good practices database.

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Open distribution

Those contents have been produced for all purposes. Everyone can distribute them freely, without making changes and quoting their source, in order to contribute to the development of responsible tourism.

Tourism and visual disability

Tourism and visual disability

How to welcome visually impaired people within a tourism facility?
Concrete answers in 7 videos, from 3 to 4 minutes, made in partnership with La Ricardière, guest house on the island of Groix (France).

Sustainable Tourism : understand and take action

Sustainable Tourism : understand and take action

Enter the world of responsible tourism through the eyes of its field actors. What's at stake? What are the solutions? To whom to turn?
40 videos, and many information to understand and take action.
In partnership with EVEA Tourisme and FrapaDoc Productions.

You want to co-produce a pedagogical content?

Those learning modules are the resluts of encouters, transmission wills, and of course technical capacities (semi-professional ou professional).

If you are willing to associate yourself or your organization with Hopineo to produce a content that allows to share knowledge and solutions to forge ahead responsible tourism, please feel free to contact us.

We will directly or indirectly help you (with our partners) to implement your MOOC, documentary, webdocumentary or other project.