Progress: case studies

Works, case studies and fact files

You are looking for fact files for the realization of your projects? You want to know what kind of things the HopTripers can do when they swap their competencies in exchange for room and food?

We organised the works we have done while swapping in different categories.

Through our HopTrips #Swaps and contributions in structures involved in responsible tourism, we are led to make working papers and fact files, according to their needs.

These documents, voluntarily sober, synthetic and very practical, are the closest possible to the expectations and needs of our partners / hosts requirements. Of course they remain humble; we do not claim completeness of the solutions and answers to the issues submitted.

With the exception of papers that involve confidential datas for structures, we put here these documents, available to all.

Justine présente son travail aux employées Abbey Guest House

Make your facility accessible to the widest range of people

Ecomobility and slow tourism

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