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Hopineo, kezaco?

A worldwide community of travelers dedicated to a better tourism

Hopineo is a community of travelers dedicated to the co-construction of a better tourism, authentic and responsible.

The word “Hopineo” is a combination of the words “Hope”, “Hop” and “Neo” to illustrate the new and optimistic art of taking action through traveling!

The HopSign (you often see on the photos and videos) is the “human” illustration of the earth in the logo, bouncing and moving forward towards a better future, a better world.

  • Our vision : make responsible tourism the norm.
  • Our goal : stimulate exchange of field solutions and good practices between tourism professionals.
  • Our method : the travelers collect and spread the good practices thanks to a new way of participative travel.
  • Our means : a dedicated internet platform, a huge motivation and endless energy !

A resource centre dedicated to responsible tourism

In addition to existing measures (labels, networks, institutions and local authorities), Hopineo offers to tourism professionals committed -or who wish to get committed- towards a responsible approach to :

  • find concrete solutions which were experienced by their counterparts in order to fuel their responsible approach and develop their activity : the HopSolutions.
  • welcome volunteers to step back, exchange knowledge, obtain a one-time help in exchange for room and food, depending of their needs : the HopTrips #Swap.
  • increase their visibility thanks to the editorial content, photos and videos, published on our different media supports and on the ones of our partners.
Support Hopineo

Support Hopineo!

You are about to sign up on our website. Hopineo is a collaborative platform that offers free resources to promote and spread good practices related to sustainable tourism.


The durability of the Hopineo community thus depends entirely upon the support of its donors and friends. Each one at their own pace, within their human or financial means; we can work together to make a change, develop a better tourism and create a bright future for humanity.


Thank you in advance for your support.