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How? Innovation, commons and common good

The world of sharing will replace sharing the world.

Claude Lelouch

Open data and shared governance

The Hopineo approach is totally free, open and independent. Our organization seeks to answer to field needs, by field actors, in the goal of contributing to common good, through the prism of responsible tourism.

The expertise and data collected by travelers are in free access, thus as the service of putting in relationship for the HopTrips. Our operating mode is based on voluntary contribution by the key stakeholders users and beneficiaries of the organization.
This contribution, necessary to the continuity of the organization, can be financial, intellectual or through communication, in order to disseminate and share information useful to the promotion and development of responsible tourism.

  • Skills-based volunteering

  • Participative funding

  • Beneficiaries’ contributions

  • Institutional partnerships

For the moment Hopineo is brought up by Wibisol SAS, a french based company. We chose the legal form of a society in order to facilitate its management and administration as well as the possible wages of its employees. We certify that we do not have any will of personal accumulation of wealth and we commit to :

  • Lead the most cooperative operating mode possible, based on the one of cooperative societies, where all the stakeholders, who wish it, take part to decisions.
  • Dedicate the entirety of the eventual benefits to the development of the organization.
  • Minimize our life and management expenses in order to insure the continuity of the organization and to optimize its impact for general interest and common good.
  • Cultivate a total transparency about the accounts of the organization.

Please, feel free to contact us to get more information.

Innovation for common good

Hopineo adheres to a collective process aiming to improve the current situation on a radical way, answering an urgent need of changing practices, for the purpose of a balanced and sustainable development.

Thanks to new technologies, to the energy and expertise of each person who involves himself daily, we develop innovating tools that we put to the benefit of all, through responsible tourism :

  • A platform to exchange good practices, fueled by travelers, for the professionals of the sector : the HopSolutions.
  • A platform to facilitate the link between independent and committed professionals of the sector and travelers who are leaving for holidays and/or who want to swap their skills for room and food in order to make themselves useful : the HopTrips.

A Common for sustainable tourism

The Hopineo community answers to needs of field actors thanks to a field methodology : the travelers who involve themselves, “for 3 days or forever”, collect and share the solutions to short, medium or long term issues of the tourism providers.

Each good practice collected is published online in the HopSolutions/good-practices section of this website. It integrates a well-structured database according to the expertise field, geographical criteria and kind of service provider. This good practice is then accessible to all, and in particular to each traveler who wishes to bring its support to a hotel, b&b, ecolodge, camping, etc.

The expertise of each becomes the knowledge of all. A “common”, true lively material where everybody can meet each other and works his part, exists.

Pooling, in order to better move forward !

The collaborative economy, the way we mean it with Hopineo, allows to :

  • pool a sum of small human, intellectual and financial means, for a common cause,
  • not position money as a condition for the relations with the different stakeholders,
  • anyone and any organization, who wish it, to get involved and be useful to the society.

We invite the travelers and citizen to join the community to benefit its services and increase their positive impact on responsible tourism: travel or contribute differently.

We invite local authorities, networks, labels and other representative institutions to :