How to become a HopHost?

How does it work?

  1. Create your account (5 minutes).
    If your page already exists on the website but you don’t have your user name and password, ask them to us by mail.
  2. Once your profile is completed, we will contact you to plan you first swap with a Hopineo ambassador.
    This first “try” will allow you to confirm -or not, but it’s rare ;-)- your intention to receive other swap proposals from travelers.
    It will also allow us to meet with you and “guarantee” to the community the authenticity of your commitment to responsible tourism.
    NB: if you are recommended by another member of the community, this step is not necessary. You go directly to Step 3!
  3. Your profile is validated! You have your page on our site, that you can administer.
    You will then be contacted by HopTripers wishing to book your services, or barter their skills in exchange for room and food

Oh, one last thing: no financial contribution is required to be part of Hopineo network.
We are making calls for open contributions every year, based on an operating budget that we provide; everyone is free to set the amount of his participation, according to his means and what he considers relevant to give. (For now, these contributions are from 0 to € 3,000.)

Learn more about how we operate / finance / governance