Why become a HopHost?

You are an independent tourism facility committed to a responsible approach?

You are looking for solutions to improve your approach, optimize your costs and develop your business?

No time to step back and think about new developments?

Looking for new visibility channels, faithful to your values, which emphasize the quality of your offer and your commitments?


Bureau d'un HopTriper

…your visibility! For your business, commitments, actions and the experience you offer your visitors. And win new clients.

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…travellers, including those willing to contribute to the development of a better tourism by helping you, swaping their skills in exchange for room and food!

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Journée du troc

…your best practices and find new concrete solutions, implemented by other organizations like yours.!

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La joie de vivre

…towards a better tourism, which meets the expectations of your visitors, territory and environment.!

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Tourism professional:

> To learn more, please read below who are the HopTripers, how the swap works, examples of past swaps and testimonies of other professionals.

Who are the HopTripers?

HopTripers are primarily travelers!

Some will contact you to book their holidays or weekends, like your other customers. Others will offer to swap their skills in exchange for room and food.

These are citizens of various origins, ages and profiles.

  • They can be alone, couple or family.
  • All are travelers willing to make themselves useful by living an experience based on exchange and sharing.
  • All have in common the desire to integrate a collaborative dynamics dedicated to responsible tourism and to the common good.
  • Each of them benefits from the expertise collected by all other travelers in the community, available in the HopSolutions part of this site.

Some are students in hospitality or tourism and wish to learn about responsible tourism on the field, others are experts in alternative or community tourism; others bring their skills in organisation, marketing, photography, languages… The possibilities are many.

How does it work?

Justine prépare le tour de France Hopineo

Angela is a Spanish lawyer of 28 years old, who has a passion for social networks. She wishes to travel to Central America and devote part of her trip to be helpful.
She seeks a HopHost on Hopineo.org and proposes a swap of 4 to 10 days

Jose is a HopHost in Costa Rica. He would like to make better use of social networks and seeks to make energy savings. Alone to manage his hotel, he has no time to look for solutions.
Following the proposal of Angela, they agree on the terms of the swap: dates, duration, accommodation arrangements, the tasks entrusted.

Finca Exotica, Ecolodge au Costa Rica
HopTrip réussi

During 6 days, Angela trains Jose and his staff to the use of social networks and finds solutions for the management of energy on Hopineo.org, thanks to the good practices and HopSolutions collected by other travelers around the world, and all HopSolutions.

Thanks to Hopineo, Angela was able to help Jose to expand his hotel and delivered energy management good practices experienced by other similar hotels.
Above all, they have had an unforgettable human experience

Florie avec Efrain et Molly, Casa Divina Lodge Mindo Equateur

NB: Duration of swaps cannot exceed 30 days, in order not to replace local labour.

Examples of successful swaps

  • List the HopHost commitments and good practices in a document in order for him to communicate with his visitors, partners and staff.
  • Find solutions to save energy. 
  • Find solutions to reuse rainwater. 
  • Train local francophone guides to welcome visitors in English.
  • Redact a Facebook user manual for hosts that don’t know much about internet don’t have a lot of time to spend on social networks.
  • Implement a pedagogical path in and around the facility to allow the visitors to discover flora and fauna, or to present in an innovative way the host’s good practices.
  • Simply take time to chat with the host to help him step back on his business, his organisation, his marketing… and formalise the discussions in a document.
We were particularly surprised by your great adaptability.
Your analysis and relevant remarks have encouraged us to continue in the direction that we set ourselves, discovering that many of us share the values that you defend.
Catherine and Jean-Yves, La Borderie de la Marchaizière -HopHosts, France

Tourism professional: