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HopHosts: tourism professionals committed to a responsible approach

[HopHosts] : etymologically a contraction of the word “Hopineo” and the word “Host”. Small and medium independent touristic facilities, involved in a responsible approach (accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, local guides…).

All of them offer visitors a unique and authentic travel experience.

All of them have been visited by a HopAmbassador, or recommended by a network member.

Why register?

Why register?

Give visibility to your establishment and improve your business within a network faithfull to your values, commitments and actions.

How to register?

How to register?

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Hopineo allows us to take the best ideas and adapt them in our structures to offer a better tourism.
And most of all that answers the needs of our society.
Gaspard -Cabanes des Grands Lacs, France
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