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Marie and Christopher, from Cyclo famille and HopAmbassadors, answer a few question before the great departure!

Who are you?

A family of five, including 3 apprentice-travelers guided by their parents who love to cross borders. Originaly from Framce, we live in Quebec and are currently preparing the long journey we are about to live!

What are your wildest dreams?

Travel the world with family, to meet the best. Rediscover the word humanity through new encounters and actions in favor of the common good that is our planet.

Why did you decide to join Hopineo?

For the sharing. Because Hop!neo is a tool to share: sharing between generations and nations the good practices to build a better world. To “Hop!” in harmony with actors determined to live in unison with their environment.

What will be your involvment?

First of all, to be engaged citizen who thik “sustainable tourism” for their personal pleasure. Then, share our findings and register new HopHosts for the North America part.

One last word?

The future of the planet is being build today. Today, think about tomorrow.

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