Bring your skills

Justine travaille à La Borderie de La Marchaizière

Share your skills, become a HopAngel

Whatever your skills are, you can bring your stone to the edifice:

  • Translations of articles (English, French, Spanish)
  • Video subtitles (English, French, Spanish)
  • Design
  • Video making and / or post-production
  • Community management
  • Web development
  • Public relations
  • Another idea? Contact us.

If you want to get involved further, you may join the team, contribute to the project governance and take responsibilities.

Why participate?

Beyond contributing to a project for the common good, bringing your skills to Hopineo allows you to:

  • practice languages and learn from articles and videos you work on,
  • appear at the end of the articles and videos you contribute to,
  • mention your volunteering experience at Hopineo on your resume and on LinkedIn,
  • join the Facebook group HopAngels to share tips with people from around the world with common values,
  • Access Hopineo network for any useful support: exchanges, professional contacts, recommendations, etc.