A HopTour dedicated to your network or territory!

You want to boost your network or territory responsible approach? You need marketing tools to promote your responsible approach internally and externally?

At the scale of a country, territory or local network, we can go to the field to meet the actors.

What missions can we do?
  • Collecting and disseminating all the good practices and solutions to your members (responsible tourism, marketing, organization ).
  • Accompany the implementation of a quality approach within your network or country (definition of thematic referents, writing fact sheets ).
  • Make videos to promote your network or territory.
La Carte de France du WebDoc La Cabane en l'Air

With our partners, we offer to go a few steps further:

Agence de conseil en tourisme durable

The consulting agency EVEA has developed tools and softwares to:

  • reduce food waste
  • implement environmental labeling for hotels and restaurants
  • implement the European EcoLabel.

Hopineo ambassadors performing missions for networks, territories or institutions can support the structures in the implementation and use of these tools that balance environmental and economic performance.

FrapaDoc, productions audiovisuelles
FrapaDoc is an audiovisual production agency specializing in responsible tourism.

Together, we can realise:

  • Documentaries of 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes presenting your territory or network
  • A Web-Documentary: innovative tool to promote a destination, its commitments and actions (see example below).

Discover the Web-Documentary realised for the network La Cabane en l'Air

Between April and June 2015, 3 teams of HopAmbassadors visited the 25 facilities of the network La Cabane en l’Air.

  • More than 200 good practices were collected  de 200 bonnes pratiques collectées in the following fields: marketing, sales, organisation and of course environmental performance.
  • A policy of continuous improvement of quality was designed for the network.
  • 75 one minute videos were filmed on the field, and sent as we went along to FrapaDoc Productions for their implementation and integration to the Web Documentary.

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