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A #HopTour, how does it work ? (by Florie Thielin)

Florie Thielin

Want to travel mixing useful volunteering with vacations? Welcome to Hopineo! For nearly two years, Florie has traveled throughout Latin America swapping her time and skills in exchange for accomodation and food (doing HopTrips) with tourism initiatives committed to a responsible tourism…

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HopTour LatAm – the assessment

More than two years ago, Justine and Mahery « have met » Florie thanks to her interposed travel blog. After three-hour Skype chatting, the magic started to work and Florie adopted the Hopineo project, starting with her travel to South America. After…

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Quilotoa lake in Ecuador

HopTriper in spite of me #1 – All in @The Black Sheep Inn

Lea is in the early stages of a lifetime of travel and exploration. After living in Costa Rica for a year, she decided to travel through Ecuador but only in accommodations that were committed to environmental and cultural awareness and…

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The Ambassadors of the world

Do you know the HopAmbassadors? They are the people, travellers or settled, who find new authentic and committed structures for your #Holidays and your #Swaps! They are also the people who are collecting, for the moment, the substantial part of…

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Flashback on the 2 HopTours take off

October 11th 2015, Nassim and Anaëlle were taking the same plane for their HopTours departures: Nassim left for around 12 months through Asia and Oceania. Anaëlle left for a few weeks in India. Images about this particular morning filled with…

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Journey of the HopTour of Costa Rica

With only a week left for the HopTour to commence, here is the tentative trail I will be following. I invite you to follow the HopTour and learn about the discoveries I will be making with the participating sustainable hotels!…

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HopTour in India – starting October 2015

Take off to India : October 2015 Anaëlle will travel through India starting in October 2015 for a 2 months HopTour. From New Delhi to Tamil Nadu, she will experiment her first HopTrips in responsible hotels and guesthouses in order…

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Jacquelyn on HopTour in Costa Rica

HopTour-Costa Rica – kick off in September 2015

Meet Jacquelyn Lopez, new HopAmbassador A few weeks ago, the HopTeam virtually met Jacquelyn Lopez, thanks to Alex from BookGreener. She was going to start a journey through Costa Rica to collect sustainable tourism good practices in hotels and help…

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20/12/14 – HopTrip #2 at Chant de l'Eau

In the cottage the Chant de l’Eau, at the Sappey-en-Chartreuse (in the Fench Alps), Hopineo followed up its previous mission. This time, it is Jean-Luc who was HopTriping. He tells us everything. Justine et Mahery stopped by during their Tour…

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01/20/2015 : the calm after (before?) the storm

Those first few weeks of 2015 have not been the happiest. We will not get back to these inhuman acts that happened in France (and elsewhere !) those past few days. It is not the topic of this post. Even if…

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