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Cyclo Famille – HopTour in Americas and Europe

Marie and Christopher, from Cyclo famille and HopAmbassadors, answer a few question before the great departure! Who are you? A family of five, including 3 apprentice-travelers guided by their parents who love to cross borders. Originaly from Framce, we live...
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Valerie, HopAmbassador, Oceania

Valerie, HopAmbassador in Australia at the moment, answers a few questions… Valérie, who are you? I am a world citizen, and a 25 y.o. kid: I love running bare feet on the grass, I can chat for hours with someone...
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Move Our World

HopTour Asia with Ela & David – India on target


In 2017, Ela & David are going to India. Join them on their sustainable tourism path, a travel full of respect and love! Let’s Move Our World!

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The very first HopLab!

Hopineo et La Borderie de la Marchaizière, chambres et table d’hôtes en Vendée, montent le 1er HopLab pour un tourisme authentique citoyen et responsable.

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Happy birthday Hopineo!

Hopineo is 3 years old. Hundreds of citizens build and empower responsible tourism throughout the world. This video is dedicated to them! We are on our way!

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Lea, HopAmbassador

HopTour Asia with Léa & Simon

Lea et Simon took off on August 24th 2016 for a HopTour Asia of several months. Responsible tourism and marketing advices through the HopTrips. A founder adventure…

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New Departure : Kahina in Latin America

Kahina, nouvelle ambassadrice, part en HopTour le 1er septembre. Direction Mexico et l’Amérique Latine pour une durée indéterminée. Rencontre…

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A #HopTour, how does it work ? (by Florie Thielin)

Florie Thielin

Want to travel mixing useful volunteering with vacations? Welcome to Hopineo! For nearly two years, Florie has traveled throughout Latin America swapping her time and skills in exchange for accomodation and food (doing HopTrips) with tourism initiatives committed to a responsible tourism…

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HopTour LatAm – the assessment

More than two years ago, Justine and Mahery « have met » Florie thanks to her interposed travel blog. After three-hour Skype chatting, the magic started to work and Florie adopted the Hopineo project, starting with her travel to South America. After…

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Quilotoa lake in Ecuador

HopTriper in spite of me #1 – All in @The Black Sheep Inn

Lea is in the early stages of a lifetime of travel and exploration. After living in Costa Rica for a year, she decided to travel through Ecuador but only in accommodations that were committed to environmental and cultural awareness and…

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