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Leave Far Live Close – Brand new HopTour in Asia

"Positively influence the regions crossed and work against mass tourism" #Marketing #Law #Encounter Marie & Jeanne's HopTour in South-East Asia They have long dreamt of discovering Asia. On next January, 2nd, Jeanne and Marie will fly to the Chinese Sichuan...
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First steps of our ambassadors Ela and David in Baikal

On 3rd of January, our ambassadors Ela & David left for a crazy adventure in Asia. Their wish is to reach India and Nepal, center of their HopTour. To do so, they really wanted to minimize the aerial transportation and...
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Marianela and Ben HopTour Latin America

A HopTour in South America with Nela and Ben

Florie Thielin
#Permaculture #Bioconstruction  #ResponsibleTourism #LatinAmerica #voluntourism In April 2017, Nela & Ben start their journey through South America in the search of those tourism initiatives that promote responsible practices in order to generate a positive social and environmental impact at the destination. They...
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Cyclo Famille – HopTour in Americas and Europe

Marie and Christopher, from Cyclo famille and HopAmbassadors, answer a few question before the great departure! Who are you? A family of five, including 3 apprentice-travelers guided by their parents who love to cross borders. Originaly from Framce, we live...
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Valerie, HopAmbassador, Oceania

Valerie, HopAmbassador in Australia at the moment, answers a few questions… Valérie, who are you? I am a world citizen, and a 25 y.o. kid: I love running bare feet on the grass, I can chat for hours with someone...
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Move Our World

HopTour Asia with Ela & David – India on target


In 2017, Ela & David are going to India. Join them on their sustainable tourism path, a travel full of respect and love! Let’s Move Our World!

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The very first HopLab!

Hopineo et La Borderie de la Marchaizière, chambres et table d’hôtes en Vendée, montent le 1er HopLab pour un tourisme authentique citoyen et responsable.

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Happy birthday Hopineo!

Hopineo is 3 years old. Hundreds of citizens build and empower responsible tourism throughout the world. This video is dedicated to them! We are on our way!

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Un HopTour por América del Súr con Raúl

Florie Thielin
#Biología #Ambiente #TurismoResponsable #AméricaLatina En octubre del 2016, Raúl empieza un viaje al encuentro de los empresarios turísticos por Sudamérica, trabajando con un enfoque responsable: con un impacto socioambiental positivo en el destino. Durante el viaje, compartirá con ellos sus consejos de...
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Lea, HopAmbassador

HopTour Asia with Léa & Simon

Lea et Simon took off on August 24th 2016 for a HopTour Asia of several months. Responsible tourism and marketing advices through the HopTrips. A founder adventure…

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