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Do you want to be profitable?

Responsible tourism, or sustainable tourism: a key element to become profitable as a small or medium facility. Decryption and solutions.

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Sustainable Tourism Providers? Marketing Challenges?

Florie Thielin

Who are the true providers of sustainable (or responsible) tourism? What are the real issues and solutions in terms of marketing?  These two questions have been with Florie since the very beginning of her adventure through Latin America. We have shared…

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Participative tourism, a trip like no other

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world to discover  the different peoples and cultures who live on our planet? Participative tourism is the answer for those travellers who value sharing and discovery first and foremost. This form of tourism,…

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Promotion of local heritage : a major issue

The promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage, a major issue for a better tourism The acceleration of tourism industry those last years and its contrasted impact on the populations and visited territories brings more and more tourism actors to…

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Sustainable tourism, do we communicate ?

Sustainable tourism stakeholders struggle to communicate their commitments to their visitors, and above all to make it a differentiating factor, a reservation factor. We talk about “sustainable communication” (or “greenmarketing”) in opposition to the greenwashing, and the communication/marketing sector put…

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Documentary Hopineo (15 min)

Documentary : Hopineo towards sustainable tourism Following Hopineo’s Tour of France (July, 1st / October, 31st 2014), we made a documentary presenting our organization, its goals and our learning from this 4 months trip. If you want to show this film to…

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Tourism, in the very heart of sustainable development.

As we know, sustainable development is built on three equally important pillars : social, economic and environmental. Why tourism is concerning all of those three pillars ? Economic Impact: Without a doubt, the tourism sector, by its transversatility, is a great…

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Responsible tourism as a tool for the co-revolution!

Welcome to the Hopineo blog!! Here we are! To give insight into our project, for all may wish to read about it. Here, we offer a kind of letter of intention, an initial read into our wants and ambitions, which…

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How to book sustainable holidays

Nowadays, there are many online reservation systems which make easier the accommodation access and enable travelers to find quickly what they are looking for from their located smartphones. However, the dissatisfaction against the numerous reservation systems to find accommodation is…

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A vision for tourism, by Hopineo

The second video production “made by Hopineo”. We propose you to discover: the utopia towards wich we try to tend why we chose tourism to contribute to a better world and finally our definition of responsible tourism.  

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