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Meeting Charles Addad (Senegal)

Amazing project of scientific tourism, lead by Charles Addad in Senegal: a botanical garden to grow awereness on plant kingdom and save local flora.

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Quilotoa lake in Ecuador

HopTriper in spite of me #1 – All in @The Black Sheep Inn

Lea is in the early stages of a lifetime of travel and exploration. After living in Costa Rica for a year, she decided to travel through Ecuador but only in accommodations that were committed to environmental and cultural awareness and…

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Do you want to be profitable?

Responsible tourism, or sustainable tourism: a key element to become profitable as a small or medium facility. Decryption and solutions.

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For a better tourism on Ilhabela island, Brazil

Florie Thielin
Our two HopAmbassadors Florie et Maud met each other in Brazil during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro in march 2016. "Friendship at first sight", Florie invited Maud to follow her on Ilhabela to lead a HopTrip in pairs! This...
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